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How to Remove Poison Ivy Without the Itch

Ugh, it's the time of the year in #dallastx. #poisonivy Is trying to take over your flowerbeds & if you're like me & highly allergic to this plant that had to have been made from Satan himself. Well here are a couple tips in removing it without having to bath in apple cider vinegar for the rest of your summer.

The all natural way is to fill a garden sprayer with white vinegar & spray the vines from the roots to the ends. Be careful not to overspray on any plants or grass that you like, because the white vinegar does not discriminate on what it kills. Wait a week & the #vines should turn brown which will tell you that it's #dead. Caution, the vines will still have it's #poison so cover your skin & use tongs to finish removing them. #goodluck

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